About Us

Tap Shoes Canada is your Sole provider of Miller & Ben Tap Shoes

Originally founded as “Jooba” in 2011 by Cathy Barber. In 2017, she generously passed the thriving business on to Jay T Schramek (www.jaytschramek.com) & Kerry Gage and we are now known as Tap Shoes Canada!

Who Are We?

For over 40 years we have been tap dancing, teaching, performing and choreographing. Our work is seen in competitive dance studios. We have performed and choreographed professionally for Canada’s finest theatre companies. We’ve worked for Mirvish Productions, Stratford Festival, Charlottetown Festival, Drayton Entertainment, Stage West and dozens more. We are passionate about Tap dancing and have worn Miller & Ben Tap shoes for over 25 years. We are dedicated to bring you the finest dancing shoes and offering you unparalleled customer service no matter what corner of Canada you come from!

How We Do It?

Miller & Ben shoes are perfected by the dancers themselves. We understand how you dance and why you dance. All designs and the creation of each shoe is done at the hand and eye of superb craftsmen. The shoes are hand-made, colours are selected, and leather materials are shined and buffed, given beautiful soles, all chosen to give you the quality you deserve. With over 8,000 possible design variations, our personalized one-on-one service will ensure we find the perfect shoes just for you.

History of the Miller & Ben Tap Shoes

Avi Miller began designing tap shoes for Israel’s fast-growing local tap community in the late 1980′s. The need for local tap shoes arose due to the high cost of import. Those first shoes were developed and created with an Israeli manufacturer and were sold worldwide. The Israeli-made tap shoes were considered among the best in the market.
Ofer Ben joined the company in 1990. Together Miller & Ben gained experience in fitting, sizing and inspecting tap shoes while personally “shoeing” their students at their studio, Jazz Tap Center, and by performing in those shoes with their company, Tap Tel-Aviv. They continued their studies in shoe development, always striving to improve the quality of their final products. These studies involved all aspects of the art of ‘making shoes from scratch’, measuring, drawing and constructing lasts (the mold that the shoes are built on), cutting upper and sole shapes, as well as experimenting with the use of different components and various materials. By speaking to the cobblers in their own “professional shoemaker’s language” they were able to set the highest standards at the factory.
From the beginning, careful attention was paid to the quality of the sound produced by the footwork. Through the choice of suitable materials and shapes, Miller & Ben were able to achieve the goal of building a superb ‘Musical Tap Instrument’.
In mid-2000, Avi & Ofer relocated their offices to New York City, where they began to present the Tradition In Tap workshops and regularly ‘team-teach’ at Broadway Dance Center. They also teach and perform in workshops and festivals all over the world. In February 2003, they started to manufacture their Miller & Ben Tap Shoes in the Far East and to once again distribute them worldwide. All the models and ideas are personally tested at a tap studio by Avi Miller and Ofer Ben as well as by other tap colleagues. Furthermore, any shoe coming out of the factory is carefully inspected by either Miller or Ben.