SixToe Tap Boards is a Canadian-based Company specialized in making dance surfaces for Tap Dancers. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we use the finest quality products and, to assure the utmost quality, hand make every single board. We pride ourselves in providing Tap Dancers not only a surface offering crisp, clean sounds through every step but a dance surface built with an awareness of a dancer's health! Every SixToe Tap Board comes equipped with proper footing, allowing professional spring to your dance surface. No more dancing on concrete or floors that cause damage to your joints! We value our dancers and stride towards providing the best dance surface possible. As well, every board is equipped with rubber cornering and carrying handles for safe travel. We offer a variety of sizes, made to suit each and every dancer's needs. Home studio? We have that! Need something you can bring to dance competitions and conventions? We have you covered there as well! With SixToe Tap Boards, you're also provided with our specially designed quadruple top coat, made to withstand and add longevity to your dance floor. We're tap dancers who make flooring for tap dancers! Ask our founder, Everett Smith; Tap Dancing finalist of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. If you love to dance as much as we do, SixToe Tap Boards is just for you!

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Sixtoe Tap Board - Folding Home - 24" x 60"
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