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    Tap Shoes Canada has many styles of shoes. There is one to suit you and your unique way of dancing. Are you a Diva? Do you like to Show off? Are you a Master or a Triple Threat? Check out our great shoes you will be inspired.


    Pink & Purple? Black & Tan? We have over 50 colours for you to choose from. Make a statement. Express yourself. Make your shoes as unique as you are.


    Great sound. great fit. A shoe as great as you.

TAKE THE NEXT STEP and dance in only the best.

Great Styles

All leather and hand crafted, we have some with buckles, some with high heals, some with laces... you get the picture. We are bound to have a style to suit your style.

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Over 50 Colours

Design your own shoes. We have plenty of colours and textures to choose from. Make your shoes as unique as you are.

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Get the Right Fit

Check out our fitting instructions to see how to get the best fit for your unique feet.

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I'm still breaking in my triples, but I love them! The sound is so loud and sharp... Also, I was going to get all black but Ari convinced me to do a color so when I'm teaching my shoes stand out. I got black and white, they look awesome and I get a lot of compliments. Teaching in them is great cause you can distinctly hear my sounds over the students, so they have a rhythm to follow.

After pulling them out of the box and tapping for more than three hours, it appears to me the quality is better than good, the break-in period is going to be short, and the size recommended by their chart seems to be about right. Three hours of tapping did not result in anything more than a slight red mark on one heel.

I have Miller and Bens. They came with the taps on them, and they are great! Very loud sounds, and very clear. Great compared to my 10 year old K360s! Heh.